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2D Semiconductors




11/12/2018 PdS2 CVD monolayers (catalytic, photonic, semiconductor)

11/05/2018 InSeBr (2D semiconductor)

10/16/2018 Sb2OS2 (single photon emitter, electronic insulator & catalytic) 

09/11/2018: Cr2Ge2Te6 (2D Heisenberg ferromagnet & semiconductor)

09/01/2018: Cr2Si2Te6 (2D ising ferromagnet & thermoelectric), Bi2O2Se (thermoelectric)

08/25/2018: SiP crystals (2D anisotropic semiconductors)

08/19/2018: Black arsenic crystal

08/05/2018: SnS crystals. Bridgman, flux zone, and chemical vapor transport grown materials. [Solar, catalytic, battery, excitonics, phase change] 

07/23/2018: BiSbTe3  (topological insulator), High pressure and atmospheric pressure growth h-BN crystals  with world record low defect density (1E8cm-2) and clean cadhodoluminescence signals

07/13/2018: Bi2SeTe3 topological insulator alloy, ZrTe3 vdW nanoribbons; [Powders]: MnTe, NiTe, GeSeTe, and Cu2Te 

07/05/2018: ZrTe5 (Dirac semimetal and topological insulator)

07/02/2018: MnPSe3 (magnetic semiconductor), SnSe2 solution, HfS2 solution

06/22/2018: TaTe2 (CDW), Hydrothermal tellurene, and vdW BSCCO (superconductor)

2D CVD products: Multilayer h-BN, monolayer h-BN, CVD MoSe2, CVD MoS2xSe2(1-x), graphene foam, CVD graphene

2D carbonaceous materials: g-C3N4, HOPG, and natural graphite

2D semiconductors
2D elemental semiconductors: Tellurene (anisotropic high mobility semiconductor); 0.5 gram BPs and 1.0 gram black phosphorus crystals
2D halides: CrI3, CrBr3, and TiBr3 (ferromagnetic), SbSI (thermoelectric)
2D phosphides: GeP (anisotropic), FePS3, MnPS3, NiPS3, and ZnPSe3 (magnetic, catalytic)
2D arsenides: GeAs (anisotropic), As2Se3 and As2Te3 (thermoelectric and topological ins.)
2D oxides: MnO2 and MoO3 (single photon emitter, electronic insulator & catalytic) 
Monochalcogenides: GeS, GeSe, and GeTe (anisotropic), SnS (thermoelectric),TlGaTe and TlGaS2 (2nd harmonic gen.)
Dichalcogenides: TaWSe2, PdSe2 (CDW, thermoelectric), ReS2xSe2(1-x) alloy (anisotropic) and ZrTe2 (anisotropic, CDW)
M2X3 (M=Bi, Sb, Sn, and In) : In2S3 (catalytic, solar cell), Sb2OS2 (anisotropic), Sb2S3, Sb2Se3, and Sb2Te3 (topological ins.)

2D Metals, CDWs, and superconductors: PdTe2 (superconductor), BiTe (topological, thermoelectric), ZrSiS (topological ins., Weyl fermion), 1T-TaS2 (CDW), ZrTe2 (supercond.), ZrSe3 and ZrTe3 (Weyl, topological, supercond.)

2D topological insulators: As2Te3, ZrSiS, Bi2Te3(1-x)Tl3x, Sb2S3, Sb2Se3, Sb2Te3, PdTe2 (predicted topological)

2D alloys: ReS2xSe2(1-x) (anisotropic), TlGaTe (2nd harmonic gen), GaSxSe(1-x) and GaSexTe(1-x) (anisotropic), TlGaS2 and TlGaSe2 (2nd har. gen.)

2D solutions: We offer any 2D material solutions in DMF, NMP, and isopropanol solutions Readily available new solutions: MnO2, GeS, GeSe, SnS2, and Tellurene solutions. Please see our solutions section.