We offer a large variety of large size, high quality, electronic and optical grade layered vdW crystals. This category contains 2D semiconducting vdW single crystals ranging from band gap values from infrared (IR) to ultraviolet (UV). Our crystals are grown by variety of different methods including chemical vapor transport (CVT) flux zone technique, float zone technique, and some of our patented technologies. We offer gold standard crystals most suited for photonics, electronics, valleytronics, and spintronics. Some of the product examples are given below;

Elemental semiconductors (click here): Tellurene, black phosphorus, and selenine, 

Monochalcogenides (click here): Available compositions of MX ; M=Cu, Ga, Ge, In, Sb, Sn, and Tl; X=S, Se, and Te

Dichalcogenides (click here): Available compositions of MX2 ; M=Co, Mo, Pt, Re, Ti, Ta, Hf, Sn, W, and Zr; X=S, Se, and Te

Trichalcogenides (click here): Available compositions of MX; M=Nb, Ti, Ta, Zr; X=S, Se, and Te

2D phosphides (click here): Available materials ;BPs, FePS3, FePSe3, MnPSe3, and GeP

2D Arsenides (click here): Available materials ; As2S3, As2Se3, As2Te3, and GeAs

2D Oxides (click here): Available materials ; MnO2 and MnO3

2D Iodides (click here): Available materials ; PbI2, CdI2, and SbSI

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