This product contains GeSe mono- and few-layer thick flakes in isopropanol solution. GeSe crystals has been synthesized synthetically at 99.9995% purity and they have been dispersed into isopropanol (electronic grade chemical at 99.9999% purity) by ultrasonic treatment. Since the starting material (synthetic GeSe crystals) is highly crystalline, ultrasonic treatment to delaminate GeSe layers yields highly crystalline GeSe mono- and few-layers suspended in isopropanol solution. The crystallinity of GeSe nanomaterial has been confirmed through electron energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDAX), Raman spectroscopy (FWHM-1), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements. Lateral sizes of MoS2 flakes deposited onto different substrates range from ~10nm - ~10 um while thickness range from 1L to 10s of layers.

Solution type: By default 2Dsemiconductors USA will provide GeSe sheets suspended in isopropanol owing to good dispersion, stability, and high performance. However, if your research requires other solvents, please contact us for more details and schedule for the product delivery.

Solution concentration:  To reduce shipping costs, easy customs agreement / border check-in processes, we ship supersaturated 2D solutions (~80-120 mg/L depending on the type of 2D layers). However, supersaturated solutions can be diluted to produce ~250-500mL of solution to deposit 2D layers onto desired substrates through simple and cost-effective spin-casting process. 

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