This product contains h-BN mono- and few-layer flakes solution in ethanol. The h-BN solution has been developed by ultrasonic treatment of h-BN high quality crystals synthesized through cubic anvil device high pressure growth technique. Since the starting material h-BN is highly crystalline, ultrasonic treatment to delaminate h-BN layers yields highly crystalline h-BN mono-, few-, and some thick layers suspended in ethanol solution. The crystallinity of h-BN nanomaterials has been confirmed through electron energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDAX), Raman spectroscopy (FWHM<5.5cm-1), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements. Lateral sizes of h-BN flakes deposited onto different substrates range from ~25nm - ~10 um while thickness range from 1L to 10s of layers. 

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