We specialize in synthesizing defect free single crystals of large size, high quality, electronic and optical grade layered vdW crystals. This category contains 2D metallic, semimetallic, superconducting, or CDW single crystals. Our products have the following unique novelties;

  • Guaranteed CDW, semimetal, and superconducting response: 2Dsemiconductors is the only commercial source that guarantees  CDW, superconductivity, and metallic response.
  • Different crystal growth techniques: Our crystals are grown by variety of different methods including chemical vapor transport (CVT) flux zone technique, float zone technique, and some of our patented technologies
  • Defect free single crystals: Defects influence how sharp superconducting transition is, the superconductiviity transition temperature, CDW hysterisis loops, and many other effects. After two decades of crystal growth optimization, we have acquired substantial experience in keeping the defect concentrations as low as 1E8 cm-2 which is unrivaled in the field. 
  • Large size crystals: Our R&D team provides high quality and large size crystals to move your research forward.
  • Customer support and rights: Our company offers the best customer service, data support, technical support, as well as customer rights including but not limited to sample return and sample exchange policies.

Please see our CDW, superconducting, and metallic vdW crystals below. Click on particular products for more details. If your research requires any special crystal, please feel free to contact us. Our R&D team will be happy to undertake new challenges.

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