FePSe3 is a layered van der Waals (vdW) crystal, and it has been predicted to have an Ising-type antiferromagnetic ordering from bulk to the monolayer limit. FePSe3 is a semiconductor with an optical band gap of 1.3 eV in the bulk limit, while its monolayer band gap value is an on-going research in the field. Another open question remains as to if the Neel temperature depends on the material thickness and the number of layers. Our FePSe3 crystals were grown using flux zone growth technique to produce FePSe3 crystals without any phase separation. Thus, we guarantee that FePSe3 crystals will have no FeSe, FeP, or FeSe2 minority phases, but the crystal is 100% single phase FePSe3 with proven 99.9999% purity rate which is ideal for magnetism, electronics, and optical measurements.

Each other contains 2 crystals that measure few mm in size. Typical order is sufficient for 3-6 months of exfoliation use. 


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