August-Sept 19
Cd3P2 Infrared (IR) grade quantum materials [Link]

July 19'
Bi2TeO2 vdW thermoelectric material [Link]
WNbTe2 alloys: Semimetal strongly correlated crystal [Link]
CdPS3 excitonic phase change semiconductors [Link]

June 19'
FePSe3 Ising magnets [Link]
Fe3GeTe2 ferromagnetic crystals [Link]
Ta2NiTe5 excitonic insulator, Weyl [Link]
CVD grown Sb2Te3 topological insulators [Link]

May 19'
CVD grown PdSe2 [Link] and PdS2 [Link]

April 19' 
MBE grown MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, and WSe2 [Link]
CVD MoSe2 few-layers [Link]
TiS2 solution [Link], TiSe2 solution [Link], ZrS2 solution [Link], ZrSe2 solution [Link], NbS2 solution [Link]
NbS2 mm-sized crystallites [Link]

March 19' 
CVD Few layer MoS2 [Link
CVD Few layer WS2 [Link]
CuCrP2S6 ferromagnetic and ferroelectric crystals [Link]
Ta2NiSe5 Excitonic insulators [Link]
Ta2NiS5 narrow gap (0.39 eV) semiconductor, excitonic insulator [Link]
Maxene phases Ti2AlC [Link] VAl2C [Link]

February 19'
MAXene phases: Ti3SiC2 [Link]  Ti3AlC2 [Link] Ti2AlN [Link
MoTe2 solution [Link] WTe2 solutions [Link]

January 19'
CVD few-layer WSe2 [Link]
GaSTe (1.5 eV vdW semiconductor)
CVD few-layer MoTe2 [Link]

December 18' 
vdW films, GaS vdW films, GaSe vdW films, and GaTe vdW films

November 18' 
PdS2 CVD monolayers (catalytic, photonic, semiconductor), and InSeBr (2D semiconductor)
October 18' Sb2OS2 (single photon emitter, electronic insulator & catalytic) 

September 18' 
Cr2Ge2Te6 (2D Heisenberg ferromagnet & semiconductor)
Cr2Si2Te6 (2D ising ferromagnet & thermoelectric), Bi2O2Se (thermoelectric)

August 18' SiP crystals (2D anisotropic semiconductors)
Black arsenic crystal
SnS crystals. Bridgman, flux zone, and chemical vapor transport grown materials. [Solar, catalytic, battery, excitonics, phase change] 

July 18' 
BiSbTe3  (topological insulator), High pressure and atmospheric pressure growth h-BN crystals  with world record low defect density (1E8cm-2) and clean cadhodoluminescence signals
Bi2SeTe3 topological insulator alloy, ZrTe3 vdW nanoribbons; [Powders]: MnTeNiTeGeSeTe, and Cu2Te 
ZrTe5 (Dirac semimetal and topological insulator)
MnPSe3 (magnetic semiconductor), SnSe2 solution, HfS2 solution

June 18' TaTe2 (CDW), Hydrothermal tellurene, and vdW BSCCO (superconductor)
Multilayer h-BNmonolayer h-BNCVD MoSe2, CVD MoS2xSe2(1-x), graphene foamCVD graphene
g-C3N4HOPG, and natural graphite

March-May 18'
2D elemental semiconductors: Tellurene (anisotropic high mobility semiconductor); 0.5 gram BPs and 1.0 gram black phosphorus crystals
2D halides: CrI3, CrBr3, and TiBr3 (ferromagnetic), SbSI (thermoelectric) 
2D phosphides: GeP (anisotropic), FePS3, MnPS3, NiPS3, and ZnPSe3 (magnetic, catalytic)
2D arsenides: GeAs (anisotropic), As2Se3 and As2Te3 (thermoelectric and topological ins.) 
2D oxides: MnO2 and MoO3 (single photon emitter, electronic insulator & catalytic) 
Monochalcogenides: GeS, GeSe, and GeTe (anisotropic), SnS (thermoelectric),TlGaTe and TlGaS2 (2nd harmonic gen.) 
Dichalcogenides: TaWSe2, PdSe2 (CDW, thermoelectric), ReS2xSe2(1-x) alloy (anisotropic) and ZrTe2 (anisotropic, CDW)
M2X3 (M=Bi, Sb, Sn, and In) : In2S3 (catalytic, solar cell), Sb2OS2 (anisotropic), Sb2S3, Sb2Se3, and Sb2Te3 (topological ins.)
2D Metals, CDWs, and superconductors: PdTe2 (superconductor), BiTe (topological, thermoelectric), ZrSiS (topological ins., Weyl fermion), 1T-TaS2 (CDW), ZrTe2 (supercond.), ZrSe3 and ZrTe3 (Weyl, topological, supercond.)
2D topological insulators: As2Te3, ZrSiS, Bi2Te3(1-x)Tl3x, Sb2S3, Sb2Se3, Sb2Te3, PdTe2 (predicted topological)
2D alloys: ReS2xSe2(1-x) (anisotropic), TlGaTe (2nd harmonic gen), GaSxSe(1-x) and GaSexTe(1-x) (anisotropic), TlGaS2 and TlGaSe2 (2nd har. gen.)
2D solutions: We offer any 2D material solutions in DMF, NMP, and isopropanol solutions Readily available new solutions: MnO2, GeS, GeSe, SnS2, and Tellurene solutions. Please see our solutions section.